Earth@RiskTM is a comprehensive account of the anthropogenic onslaught on our unique planet, highlighting the far reaching implications on its life bearing capacity. Author, Dr. Jami Hossain likens the life bearing part of the biosphere to a very thin film or Cocoon, as he calls it, which barely clings to a rather rocky planet. Written passionately, the book establishes that for humanity and for all other life forms, there is nothing more valuable than this unique Oasis of life.

Earth and its eco-systems are being damaged in a number of ways by the mankind and this can unleash unimaginable forces on the planet, that can bring life to a complete end or alter the biosphere in a manner that makes continuation of the current forms of life extremely difficult to continue. The book goes on to describe all kinds of ways in which a catastrophe can knock at our doors. Through comprehensive literature survey and a scientific temper combined with a journalistic approach, the author traces extinction of life-forms, in all probability, due to human action. From the woolly mammoth that still roamed on Earth till about 15000-10000 years back to the Panamian golden frog that was last seen in 2004. Massive loss of biodiversity, amounting to a loss of a major chunk of genetic pool that has evolved over millions of years, is highlighted as yet another anthropogenic impact that is driving what is known as the sixth extinction. After every epoch of extinction, life bounced back on earth because of the existence of a diverse genetic pool that enabled life-forms to fill in the void created by those that had become extinct. This time round, will any life-form bounce back? The author leaves the reader with this lingering question.

In the end, the author examines the root causes of the relentless anthropogenic onslaught. The book takes us back to the melting pot of modern civilization prior to renaissance in Europe to examine the economic, political and cultural compulsions that have given the present shape to modern civilization, that happens to be on a war path to destroy and damage the ecosystems. For a rather heavy topic, the book is written with lightness with a touch of humour here and there. High quality images have been used to reinforce the story. The book carries a message that all is not well with earth and that many aspects of our civilization and our daily lives would have to change to bring this planet back from the brink.